Braun Coffee Maker


What could be more perfect than a cup of coffee in the morning? Coffee lovers would want to wake up and spend the morning with their best buddy- the coffee maker. You don’t have to go to cafes or restaurants just to have a quick shot of caffeine. You can have it right in your kitchen courtesy of your coffee maker. Coffee makers come in different brands, designs, features, and capacity. The many brands of coffee makers available in the market include Braun Coffee Maker and it is one of the distinguished.


Braun coffee makers also have different designs and features. For instance, Braun Impression Design Collection, this stylish Braun coffee maker KF 600, is designed for ultimate coffee enjoyment- delivering up to 10 cups of hot, fully extracted and aromatic coffee. It has exclusive Brita water filter which further enhance the flavor by reducing chlorine or iron taste, but also prevents calcification. For more satisfaction, the coffee flows directly into the stainless steel thermal carafe keeping your coffee hot for hours due to its double wall vacuum insulation. As an added feature, this Braun coffee maker automatically shuts off after the brewing is finished for your convenience and safety. This feature would best serve to those who tend to forget to shut the down the machine, maybe because they can’t wait to have a sip with their coffee. What do you think? features 3 Braun coffee makers that come in black and white colors with distinct features for you to choose from whatever suits your taste. All of the modern designs of Braun coffee makers will definitely fit with today’s contemporary stainless kitchen. The KF 600 is also featured on this website along with four more, which are: AromaDeluxe Coffee Maker in black and white color and AromaDeluxe Timecontrol Coffee Maker also in black and white.


The Braun AromaDeluxe Coffee Maker is the perfect combination of design and ease of function. Its open, soft touch, non-slip handle allows unmatched easy poring. The filter release function is designed to facilitate the filling of ground coffee, a useful feature in everyday life. The fast brewing system allows brewing hot, fully extracted and aromatic coffee. It also comes with Brita water filter to help improve the flavor by reducing chlorine and other impurities to perfect the coffee taste.


AromaDeluxe Timecontrol Coffee Maker has a classy and stylish design offering innovative features and unique appointments like metallic accents. The 10-cup carafe features a matchless, cushioned handles that’s extra wide and slip-free. It has a smooth-touch buttons that let you preset the 24-hour digital clock and timer so your coffee is ready by the time you wake up. Now, isn’t that impressive? I would love to have a coffee maker like that for myself. In addition to the already amazing features, this model of Braun coffee maker has an auto shut off anywhere from 10 minutes to four hours after brewing. Additional features also include Brita water filter dial alerts, which tells you when to change it; easy-to-use automatic filter basket release button, pause and serve feature, reusable gold screen filter, side view water level indicator, and convenient cord storage area.

From the choices you have above, pick the one that gives you the convenience to fully enjoy every cup of coffee you need. Any Braun coffee maker you’ll choose surely gives you the ultimate coffeehouse experience.